In 2008 I had hit the low in my life. After two miscarriages, I didn't care about anything, that included my health. My mother had to tell me to get my life together for me to start working out again, but not like I should have been. A year later & five months later I became pregnant again. I started my pregnancy at 235 and ended at 276, this is the heaviest I have ever been. I wanted to be healthy enough to be active with my baby boy. With Davelyn's help I joined Herbalife, where I began to lose and keep off my weight. Davelyn also helped me lose 32 pounds without going to the gym, and as a working single mother going to school that's exactly what I needed!

- Chasity B. (2016) 

I started working out with Davelyn on May 28, 2016. After having gastric bypass seven years ago, I've never been able to tone up due to not knowing the proper exercises to do in order to compliment my body. After having Davelyn as my personal trainer at the age of 52, she has given me hope again through God in staying physically fit. I can truly say that as I progress through her training and see my results, I am very eager to work harder at the New Me.

-Patrice W. (2016)

Davelyn has a vibrant personality, positive energy, and the level of knowledge she exudes is amazing. She is TALENTED at her craft. She is patient and truly focused on her client's fitness journey. She responds well to questions and constantly takes steps to ensure I am perfecting my form/stance, utilizing the appropriate equipment to get the best results, as well as, providing nutritional guidance and stretching techniques outside of training sessions. Davelyn will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone in each training session to transform your mind and body with a variety of workouts. I look  forward to continue working with Davelyn and recommend you book sessions with Motiv2Fit!

- JeTara F. (2017)

Davelyn is dedicated and believes in what she does, and that translates into how much effort she puts into helping you achieve your goals. 

- Nicole S. (2018) 

I have liked and greatly appreciated Davelyn's attentiveness since the beginning of our sessions.

- LaVoria T. (2018) 

Davelyn enjoys what she does and it is evident in her work. She is a good listener and works hard to create the most perfect workouts for her clients needs. She is very responsive and her workouts are fun, challenging, and produces results. I enjoyed working with her. 

                                                                                                                                                      - Kassandra A. (2019) 

I've been working with Davelyn for about a year. Her creativity is unmatched. Whether it's working around an injury or helping me "trick" my mind into overcoming a mental plateau, She always has the solution. My trainer for life. 

                                                                                                                                                                   -Josh S. (2020)