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Turning Weakness to Stength

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Let’s start this blog by saying this week has been a trying one. One full of emotion and slight comparisons. Eh, happens to the best of us. But how quickly you can come out of that crippling mindset speaks volumes of your inner strength. 

Now let’s get into said inner strength & the overcoming moment! 

I took this past week off of heavy lifting because...well ... I didn’t have a great reason to be honest. But today I received my light bulb of a reason. It’s time to set a new goal and hone in on what that goal is specifically. Of course I have things planned to achieve for Motiv2Fit, but I was neglecting a plan for myself. So with no plan, there was no clear direction. 

After having a moment of weakness, I had to go through a list of steps that brought me back to the reality of who I am. 

1) Reassurance: this entire weekend was filled with praise and remembrance of where I came from to the journey I’m currently on. Sometimes it’s needed when we get to a point of idleness in our daily routines. Being reminded from those closest to you, or even reassuring yourself that you have come a long way, makes your light shine a bit brighter. 

2) Meditation: allowing the mind to revisit the vision that was originally placed before you. Affirming yourself that you’re right where you need to be at the time you need to be there. Knowing for certain that the path you are on takes time, and allowing patience to do its thing. 

3) Goal Setting: making it specific. Not just saying I want to lose weight or gain muscle, but saying I want to lose weight or gain muscle and these are the steps I’m going to take to achieve that goal. And putting a date in that ish!! Making it set in stone and holding oneself accountable to seeing that goal till the end. 

This is how you win over your mind!

Because let’s face facts you’re not going to be 100% every single day, but that’s not to say that day can’t go from 10% to 80% with a little help of steps 1,2&3! 

My new personal goal you might be wondering?

Well it’s not new....but it is to continue to grow muscle mass. More specifically:

• To grow this muscle mass within the next 21 days. 

• To really focus in on my workout routines by making each one more and more challenging. 

• To increase my caloric intake. 

I encourage you all to join in, and what better way to have you all involved than by recording my process! 

Each week I will post a workout video composed of workouts from each day so that you can workout with me, or simply get ideas for your next workout. 

There is a catch.....

You must be a member to witness these videos!

Comment below with what city and state you’re from let’s get you added to our squad members list! 

And remember, life is mind over matter....in everything you encounter. Once you conquer that, you will go from being down - to flipping those toxins into productive endorphins like I did in today’s Day 1 of 21 workout! 

Check out the Video and get a glimpse of what’s to come! 💜