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My 21 Day Experience

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they decide to make a change. Some of these changes are seen through hair color, wardrobe, or a career change. All changes I have surely experienced, but none compare to the one that changed multiple factors of my life from the inside out. 

In November of 2015, I had to come to a financial decision .... keep paying for a gym membership or put my years of athletic training and degree to good use. 

The decision was simple! 

I dedicated and held myself to 21 days of watching what I ate, working out 3 days a week, and documenting the process to keep me accountable. 

(I even documented cheat/ rest days!)

During this time I was taking on the career path of becoming a Health coach, and wanted a program that:

• Could be done in a short amount of time (because I was just starting back working out after 5 years)

• Could be done in a minimum amount of days (cause jobs are exhausting!)

• Could provide results from home  

(Cause remember...that financial decision I made)

And I created just that!! 

On that 22nd day I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself and honestly couldn’t WAIT to share my success with anyone willing to listen. But most importantly, I couldn’t wait to help others reach their weight loss goals just as I did!  

& guess what ladies & gents ...... I’m doing just that!! 

With the help of my family and friends I have turned what was once a hobby, into something long lasting....a Passion!

I found my purpose through fitness & health. 

I found relief & spiritual strength through fitness & health. 

Working out became therapeutic, something I knew I couldn’t live without. After training over 20 clients in the past 2 years (people don’t listen when I say “send me progress pics!”...so not a lot of proof 🤷🏾‍♀️) I came to find out that all these same virtues I found within myself from working out, were also the same things my clients were in need of as well! 

It’s funny how God works isn’t it?! 

He provides even when we may feel like we’re not being seen or heard. 

Because for a while I considered switching careers. Lol 

Patience! Is the name of the game! And no matter what you’re doing in life, if you go about it with hast .... yeah you may get there first, but what would you have learned along the way? 

Nothing! Because you were too busy speeding through vs enjoying the ride! 

Those 21 days showed me, and my clients, another side of ourselves that we didn’t know we had.... 

Strength : To keep going on those busy days & To push past the soreness and pain. 

Courage : To step out on faith and fearlessly change our lives (in all aspects) for the better. 

Dedication : To not rest on excuses but instead make everyday count as a new. 

It’s a lifestyle change! And it only takes 3 weeks to create said habit/change! 

So I ask, What are you willing to change & give up for 3 weeks aka 21 days

Comment and Let me know what your 21 day journey consists of! 

Let’s walk these journeys together!