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It's June, and officially summer time!! But I have one question, what have you resolved? 

Usually what we vow to resolve on January 1st gets left further and further behind as the days go on. Sounding familiar? If so, ask yourself, how determined were you when you made that resolution goal? 

Determination comes from a place of faith. You don't know if you can reach summer time fine-ness, but you believe and start finding the best programs and coaches to help you. You don't know if you'll get a raise, but you believe and start putting in extra efforts at your job.  God notices, and will always provide you with a vision of your success to ensure that what you are hoping for IS indeed possible! Though faith alone will not open the door to your success. 

As it says in James 2:17 "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

Your vision was your confirmation from God.....it doesn't stop there! 

You wrote out your goals and set some concrete deadlines..... It doesn't stop there!! 

Now it's time to EXECUTE

We all fall short with ourselves, and make more excuses than we can keep up with, but never forget that your success is based off how determined you are to achieve. After you write those deadlines your work isn't over, it's just beginning! See those dates through! Follow up with yourself and hold yourself accountable when you don't make the deadline. 

No one, not even the best fitness coaches in the world, will hold your hand EVERYDAY! They won't be there when your eating, they won't be there to stop late night cravings, they won't be there to tell you to back away from the cake & ice cream.

All of that is centered by one thing.....your level of determination to reach your goals! 

No matter how determined one is, God can't move you to a place of accomplishment until you make yourself mobile. So get out of your way! 

No your not going to wait till Monday, till next week, till next month, till next year.....NONE OF THAT FOOLISHNESS! Your going to execute TODAY! In Jesus name! 

"Lord, I choose Your way. Accomplish Your will in me, whatever that takes!"