8 Energy Powered Snacks to get You through your Day!

Have you found yourself at your desk (or wherever your work day space is) and wondered how it is ___ and your already so exhausted?! 


Well no need to worry my dear foodies! I have put together a short list of power packed, commonly eaten snacks that will take your mood from blah to BAM

Green Tea


Green tea is loaded with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance that may increase the rate of fat burn. It also contains some caffeine to temporarily give your energy levels a boost!  




Yes honey is a food! As sweet as it is, honey offers healthier, natural carbohydrates, like fructose and glucose, to pep up those cells.



Snacking on 12-14 whole, unsalted almonds comes in at about 100 calories. You can't beat this low calorie snack!  


Fresh Fruit & Fresh Vegetables


Low in calories and high in complex (good) carbohydrates, fresh fruit is a natural fit on our foods for energy list. While eating fruit does wonders for the body, eating a variety of vegetables also loads your body with energy-boosting nutrients like iron and potassium.


Greek Yogurt


Provides a higher protein content than conventional yogurt for an extra energy boost. You can add chia seeds, fruit, and honey to take this snack to a new level. 




My favorite protein source! Eggs offer the highest complete form of protein of any food. 



Tuna, offering protein and B vitamins, has long been the choice of athletes in need of long-lasting energy foods.




Made with chickpeas, hummus is a good source of lean protein. You can enjoy hummus with your favorite veggies or low calorie crackers.  

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