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Beware of Perception

I am very open. So open in fact I fear that I am open to the wrong people. But I learned something last week that I hope might shed some light for another feeling this way! Being open about your life is kind of bitter sweet. On the one hand while your protecting yourself with honesty (avoiding the "he say she say"), you're also leaving room for negativity to crowd your life. Here's the kicker and what I took out of the lesson that night......negativity is only welcomed when YOU welcome it!! Yes, you [allow those negative labels and projections about you from others to run your life and emotions and now your just this blah blob of resentment]....when in reality....that entire sentence (which is someone's life right now) should have stopped before the brackets began! It doesn't matter how others see you or your past! What truly sets us free is how we see ourselves....more importantly....how our Father sees us!! Ex: you hand someone your soil (your past) and they attempt to smear it.... The negative: people know you were full of dirt, under-watered, with bad seeds, and no fertilizer (aka the Word). They begin to formulate these ideas about you, labeling you for who you were and judging the paths you previously chosen. The positive: you're still standing! You began to take better care of your soil! You learned to add fertilizer for growth and you've blossomed and gained roots of wisdom! You have a testimony!!

STILL YOU RISE! Someone's perception does not define who you are. We've been taught "never judge a book by it's cover" but we also should have been taught "never judge a book by its cover story"! You know, the short paragraph on the back of books that give a glimpse of what the book is about? Yeah, that! Essentially that's all we're doing. 9/10 we won't go in full depth with someone about our past because 9/10 they don't care enough to take the time to read your book in full anyway! So with only sharing a paragraph worth of information, how accurate do you think those "they's" opinions of you are? Their thoughts do not define your roots. Let me say that one more time..... THEIR THOUGHTS DO NOT DEFINE YOUR ROOTS!! The only labels that stick are the ones God has placed upon you. And no matter what you went through, no matter how rough your soil, no matter the judgment brought upon you for your tarnished life, God will always see you as one of His own!  

 2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.”