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Stop. Reflect. Rejoice!

Often we get so wrapped up on our journeys that we don't take a break to enjoy the blessings God has truly brought into our lives. Those blessings can be friends, family, a job, a promotion, even down to the smallest things like a compliment on a bad day! Blessings large or small should not go without acknowledgement! Not being humble towards the small things causes us to miss out on the larger things that God has in store for our lives. Solution? StopReflectRejoice! I stop everyday and reflect on the blessings & lessons that I have learned, no matter how painful those lessons may present. (yes, lessons are blessings too!) Then..... I REJOICE!! And not just because I was blessed that day, but simply because He's so faithful, loving, and gracious every second of the day! I encourage you to spend a few moments thinking about all the great things going on in your life, and give thanks!! Because hey, things could be worse! But aren't you glad they aren't?!