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5 Simple Ways to Get Started and Take Action on the Life You Deserve

Getting started with anything can be tough. Sometimes so tough we want to give up at just the mere thought of starting. 

Well I'm here to tell you .... I'm currently, and have been in your shoes since October of 2015. That is when I began to structure the Motiv2Fit brand. I was confused on where to start, but confident in knowing that I wanted Motiv2Fit to be a health brand. I’ll go more in depth on the development of Motiv2Fit at a later time...... For now enjoy these 5 simple tips that help me, and can hopefully help you, overcome the dreaded bug of procrastination.

1) Know Yourself Completely Passion - fueled me. I knew I didn't want to continue down a road of working for someone else. I wanted my own life, my own hours, to be my own boss! 

Determination - drove me. I prayed and prayed, finally the light bulb came on. I was determined to help people become the most amazing versions of themselves! Whether that be in my favorite topics of fitness and nutrition, or simply holding someone accountable of their goals towards a better self-paced life.

Faith - guided me. I thought starting out I needed someone to help guide me, like a manager or brand developer. In reality, I simply needed God and Him only. He is the only being to walk with you at your lowest most confusing points along your life journey. He is the greatest manager, assistant, PR, and accountability partner you will EVER come across (#nodebate!)

Consistency - my weakness. Yes, this is not a typo, where there is great strength, there is always a weakness. And mine just so happens to be staying on the right path. (I am the queen of procrastinating and yo-yo dieting! Lol) Does anyone else find their brain moving at lightning speed? Do you find yourself up late at night just thinking? Do you find yourself falling off the nutritional bandwagon when pizza or sweets is introduced at the party? *raises hand high in the air* I know I'm guilty! But, I had to learn how to adjust my life in order to strengthen my weakness while continuing to water my seeds of strength. I found my solution through.....

2) Developing Structure Now acquainted with my weaknesses/struggles, I started preparing my life with tools that would equip me in starting down this "Better Me" pathway. I bought self-success books, journals, calendars, I even joined a few alpha-female mentoring groups via Facebook (because ..... girl power!

Structure became something I looked forward to doing! Sitting at night unloading all my thoughts into these categorized journals. Creating my week within my calendar. Even planning to-do lists with specific days in which to reach those goals. This gave me a sort of superpower, but within my superpower I noticed a crippling kryptonite ..... adding to many plates to my table. I had to become realistic within myself. That meant.....

3) Setting Small Achievable Goals Have you ever heard the saying "your eyes are larger than your stomach" well that can also be translated into your daily life. 

We have all these elaborate dreams and visions of us at the top, but while we're dreaming we are subconsciously adding too many plates to our table. I thank God everyday for my high school basketball coach who taught me the K.I.S.S. Method. 

Keep It Simple Stupid!!

Yes we might know for sure where we want to go, but do you know how your going to get there?! Well the answer is simple, GOALS! 

Putting a time limit on your dreams (aka goal setting) helps you 1) prioritize what's most important; so your not just doing...but your doing with a purpose! 2) helps develop accountability & 3) serves as hot coal under your feet those days you want to drag them and procrastinate. 

4) Be Ready to take major ACTION! As James 2:26 states "For the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also" 

You think structure is hard, try having faith yet still too scared to take that plunge (oxymoron much?). I struggle with this some days still but, I have found within my meditation the power of chant persuasion.

If I'm feeling stuck, not wanting to compose a post, not wanting to go to the gym and train, or wanting that slice of cake taunting me with its chocolatey goodness; I simply close my eyes and chant "you have goals Davelyn, you want to be your own boss Davelyn, you want abs Davelyn!!" over and over until the urge to purge and be lazy has drifted away. 

Just like that I have kept myself on the right path! I know your reading that and saying, "there's no way. Yeah right it's that simple" But once you have completed steps 1-3 & have a strong foundation of faith + goals, there is no way you or God will allow yourself to fall! Your goals will, at this point, become so loud that it will nag at you day and night until you simply.....

5) Accept That "YES YOU CAN!" "But I've done all this and STILL fail! My dreams aren't for me...." Well let me inform you on a little five letter word.....TRUTH. 

God has a path for us all. And if you can dream it - whatever it is - you CAN achieve it no matter what or who may come against you!!

Failure has been displayed as something we should fear. When in reality, failure is actually something we should embrace!! Failing helps us to learn, learning helps us to grow, and growth is the key to strength & success. Embrace your weaknesses & failures for they shape you in becoming the best version of you that you constantly dream of being! 

That dream body - yes you can! Lowered health issues - yes you can! Pursuing the entrepreneurial life - YES YOU CAN! It's all about finding out who you are and your connection with God's path for you, structuring your life to fit your new lifestyle, taking that leap of faith & never regretting or doubting that you can be your own motive to a more amazing YOU!