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Meal Prepping Made Easy!

Meal planning. We hear these words a lot in the fitness realm, yet most of us still find it hard to tackle this particular topic. 

Hard finding the time to prepare your meals? Is the thought of eating the same meals for 7 whole days deterring?

Or could it be that you don't know what to exactly prepare? 

Let me put all your meal prep anxiety to ease! 

For this post I will be explaining how simple it is to keep yourself on your desired goal path .... food wise. 

Time IS On Your Side  

From many I have heard that meal prepping takes too much time, and they simply don't have extra of said time to cook. To that I ask ..... 

Do you have enough time to sit in the drive through? 

How about enough time to catch your favorite television show? Do you have enough time to troll social media? ABOVE ALL THAT

Do you have enough time for your health? If you answered "Yes" to any of these, then you my friend have ALL THE TIME to meal prep!

Trust me when I say I'm the last person that voluntarily wants to be in the kitchen (unless I'm in munchie mode lol) but, I also know the goals that I set for myself and passionately seek after daily. 

With that understanding comes a sense of responsibility. 

Yes....that dreaded R word that we all hate around the 1st of the month. 

Just like paying that bill keeps things running efficiently, same goes for your health!  If you neglect payments what happens? Late charges (body fat increase) Credit tarnishes (health complications) Or worse Eviction (death) If your not trying to check out of here early, I suggest checking into your refrigerator & pantry and giving it a good ol' revamp! 

Out with the old and fatty, in with the new and healthy! 

SIMPLIFYING THE PREP So, how exactly can you set yourself up to defeat prep anxiety? 

It all starts in the mind! 

1) Mentally prepare for what meal you will be making. For example, if I'm making spaghetti with meatballs I would make sure the day before I had lean ground turkey, noodles, sauce, onions & bell peppers. 

2) Pre-cut/ organize your vegetables & spices. One of my favorite fitness queens taught me this and it made me feel so dumb for not thinking of this myself!! Haha. 

She pre cut her bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, etc. that she used the most when she preps. This way all that has to be done is open the bag and pour onto the skillet! 

Simple right?! 

3) Add variety. If your main dish is made with chicken, I recommend cooking a second meat, like fish or beef, that way your not tiring yourself out on just chicken alone. 

This is also great too for carbs! 

Say your making spaghetti with meatballs, you can also cook rice or potatoes to pair with your meatballs. This way your not over noodles by day three. 

You will feel like your getting a whole new meal! Even when it's just a meat replacement and different seasoning.  

Simplified Even Further!

The time of microwaveable weekly meals is now just a phone call and delivery away!! 

People have saw this missing link in our oh so hectic fitness lifestyles, and are capitalizing off of it! 

Two places I recommend if your in Dallas are: 



(Instagram Handles)

If you are just simply not a cooker no matter how much time you have in the day, give them a holler! Tell them Davelyn sent you! 

What's On The Menu?

Now that you know prepping is as simple as 1,2,3 ..... what cha gonna cook?! 

Better question, is what your going to cook essential to your body's health & growth? 

Not sure? 

Well, I DO have the answers Sway! 

I have put together a chart that breaks down how much should be on your plate (based on Protein, Carbohydrates, and Vegetables); and on that chart are the right kinds of proteins, carbs, and veggies that you should be consuming while on your healthy journey. 

Guess what? 

I'm giving it to you for FREE!! 

All you have to do is Comment "MORE FREE RANDY!" with your email address & Share this post with your friends & family! 


I hope this post helped simplify someone's overthinking life! I know they helped me when I started my journey. Lord knows I needed all the help! Lol 

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